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We are open to acquisition and development projects related to oil and gas and energy. We are continuously searching for new opportunities that will enhance our range of operations and create valuable relationships. If you are interested in contributing to any of our projects or have a project proposal or idea please contact us at and we can explore options together.

The ZRG was established in 1992 as an investment company primarily focused on the real estate sector in China. Over its 23 year history, the ZRG has participated and directed numerous real estate developments both internationally and throughout China including: the Jasper Tower in Shanghai, the Grand Royal Pavilion in Beijing, the Villa Victoria in Hong Kong, the Bedford Manor in Westchester, New York. The ZRG is recognized as one of China’s top real estate development companies.

In 2005, the ZRG began pursuing investments in Canada’s natural resource sector as the first step to towards building an Energy platform. As a result, CEC was established.

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Founded in 1989, Zhejiang Rongsheng Holding Group Co., Ltd., through its subsidiaries, engages in petrochemical, polyester, spinning, texturing, coal chemicals, real estate, trading, logistics, and thermal power businesses. Rongsheng is a global company serving customers in China, Europe, America, and Asia.

The Group has proven to be a leader among its competitors in each industry and has over ten subsidiaries, three of which are public companies, including Rongsheng Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Yibing Tianyuan Group Co. Ltd., and Ningbo United Group Co. Ltd. In 2014, the Group’s sales revenue surpassed RMB ¥60 Billion (CAD $10 Billion). In 2015, Rongsheng was a top 10 petrochemical industry leader in China.

Mr. Li Shuirong, Chairman of Rongsheng Holding Group serves as the Chairman of Rongsheng Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Vice President of the Zhejiang Private Economy Academy and Director of the Zhejiang Operation Management Academy. Mr. Li is a recognized philanthropist and greatly believes in giving back to the community especially in building schools to educate future generations as well as for those in need.

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Hony Capital Management Ltd., founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of Legend Holdings Corporation (the controlling shareholder of the Lenovo Group), is a leading private equity firm in China with approximately US$7.0 billion of assets under management.

Hony’s primary investment focus has been in consumer sectors, advanced manufacturing, healthcare and service with a recent dedication to energy and cross-border investments.

In 2011, Hony Capital won the acclaimed Private Equity Firm of the Year award from Asian Venture Capital Journal (AVCJ) in China and Hony’s CEO, John Zhao was awarded Private Equity Professional of the Year.

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